Big Sean’s First MTV Interview

Congrats to Big Sean for his first MTV Interview! Watch the interview and read the full article HERE.

“He put out mixtapes. … His story for me was I heard him rap, he killed it and he got signed,” Kanye said.

You couldn’t script Sean’s introduction to Kanye any better. Sean took a page right out of fellow Detroit native Eminem’s handbook and lost himself in the moment — when he was alerted by a friend that ‘Ye would be at a local radio station, Sean came down to try and get on.

“One summer — it was junior year, going into senior year — I had this weak job,” the now 21-year-old explained. “No offense to telemarketers, but I was a telemarketer making $100 a week. … I was cashing my check one Saturday, and it was for $100. One of my best friends called and was like, ‘Yo, Kanye is down at the radio station. If you go down there and rap for him, he’ll sign you.’ “

In a rush, Sean left the check-cashing place before getting his bread and had to borrow $20 from another friend for transportation. When the youngster got to the station, he used his relationship with the staff to get close to Kanye. West originally denied him, then told him he had 16 seconds — that turned into 10 minutes.

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