Big Sean & Mike Posner LIVE @ SOB’s in NYC

Here are some preliminary videos from Big Sean‘s crazy show at SOB’s last night.  Those in attendance claimed they could feel the electricity in the air as he tore the house down and by the looks of these videos, I can’t disagree.  Mike Posner rocked the crowd as well, performing tracks off his A Matter Of Time mixtape and then joining Big Sean for a number of his hits; he even got on the keys several times for some impromptu solos. Oh yeah… did I mention that they were backed by a live band?! Definitely a huge coming out party that could be remembered as a defining moment for both of these young artists.  Hit the jump to see videos for “Glenwood,” “Who Knows,” “Drug Dealer Girl,” “Evil Woman,” “Rollin’ (Remix),” “Take Me Away,” “Million Dollars,” “Smoke N Drive,” and “Getcha’ Some.”

2 Comments on “Big Sean & Mike Posner LIVE @ SOB’s in NYC”

  1. goodmusicson says:

    Big Sean freestylin at the end of Desire, Want, And Needs!!!!

  2. […] haven’t heard of Mike Posner, he’s featured on a few of Big Sean’s songs like “Smoke n’ Drive,” “Who Knows” & “Cooler Than Me.” Also, if you don’t have his mixtape yet then click […]

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