Request “Getcha’ Some” at Your Local Radio Station!

So we turn on our local station in Dallas yesterday, K104FM, and to our surprise they were debuting  Big Sean’s “Getcha Some”! What a rewarding experience it was because we here at WEKNOWBIGSEAN have been starting grassroots Big Sean movements in both Dallas and Austin, and hearing a predominately Southern Hip Hop station play Big Sean really was a dream come true.  This got us to thinking… if a handful of people can get a large radio station playing GOOD MUSIC why can’t other people in every other city, no matter how big or small, do it as well?  So, everyone PLEASE CALL UP your local radio station and request Big Sean’s single “Getcha Some” and let’s help spread the word! It only takes a couple minutes, but if we all work together we can really make a HUGE difference!

We know

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