Big Sean Store Selling Shirts Now + Carrying Ambush Jewelry

Click the picture above or this link to access the brand new Big Sean Merchandise Store! The white “I Am Finally Famous” shirt is available NOW! And for $15, it beats a lot of other streetwear sh!t on the market these days. Also, we are proud to announce that Big Sean’s Store will become one of just TWO licensed, online U.S. retailers to officially carry Verbal’s (from Teriyaki Boyz) exclusive line of jewelry called Ambush. It’s been spotted on people from Kanye West and Kid Cudi to Solange and Rihanna; and as of late Big Sean is never seen without his “POW” on. Hit the jump to see more pictures.

6 Comments on “Big Sean Store Selling Shirts Now + Carrying Ambush Jewelry”

  1. youngscrew from h town says:

    could u ask big sean if they will be getting any bigger sizes in those shirts

  2. Zeno Jones says:

    whats good man bigger sizes should be in the next week or so…2 and 3 xl but they are going to be super limited

  3. terence says:

    tell big sean that pow hot how can i get some? it’s the future keep pushing it

  4. kid converse says:

    man dat shit lookin icey

  5. jawanzie says:

    what up my nigga fuck wit me at 2156044990

  6. NickBeSwaggie4 says:

    Where Can I Get The Big Sean POW! Chains & Rings I Wanna Buy Some Now! Please Let Me Know Where?

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