Big Sean x Va$htie Photoshoot by Dante Marshall

“Last week I had a shoot with Director, Fashion Designer, Party Promoter Va$htie Kola. The approach to this shoot was a little different from the norm and inspired by a spread that I’ve seen two favorite photographers do in the past. (Steven Klein and Richard Avedon) I wanted to make it look as if this celebrity power couple was followed around by paparazzi and the photos were leaked. No, V and Sean are not dating in real life but the images turned out just the way we envisioned.

This was my first time working with Vashtie and I doubt this will be the last. She is such an amazing person to work with and such an inspiring person. The energy she gives off when present is pretty awesome. As you know if you follow my work I work with Sean quite often as I am the photographer that shot his last mixtape, his most recent mixtape which is due to be released mid February as well as his album artwork for the official album that will drop later this year.

We had little time to put the shoot together due both Vashtie and Sean having limited time. Sean finishing up his mixtape and Vashtie only being in town for the day as she had to fly out to Germany the very next morning for a video shoot. With all that going on we still managed to get it done.

here are a few shots from the layout and I am still trying to think of a name for the set so if you have any suggestions feel free to let me know!

Special thanks to the whole team. (makeup) Tina Janel (wardrobe) Brittany Kozerski, Isis, Gumbo, Ashlee Arder and the F.O.K.U.S. Crew”

Great shots! Dante Marshall definitely captured what he intended on getting as each shot is on point. As mentioned above, these two are not dating, but speculation may very well arise from the realism portrayed in these flicks. For those needing a reference of a real Hip Hop power couple, right this way…

sidebar- If you think you got what it takes to name this set, drop a comment.

Via Va$htie

2 Comments on “Big Sean x Va$htie Photoshoot by Dante Marshall”

  1. bbcbill23 says:

    sean tryin to spit lol

  2. Jada Kiss says:

    sean aint tryin to spit sean can definately spit… all of young money took his style and ran with it…

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