Big Sean Interview w/ RWD in London

We caught up with the Finally Famous rapper during his brief stop in the UK; although a little worse for wear after a night in Funky Buddah, the humble MC told Nardene Scott all about touring, his Supa Dupa flow, working with Bieber, his idol Kanye and his fashion game, now he’s been scooped up by adidas Originals.

How did the show go last night, we hear label boss Kanye turned up? What did you think of the show overall were you surprised by the London audience being on top of your music?

I kinda knew but I wasn’t sure Kanye was going to turn up but yeah man the crowd knew all the words to everything, every little thing! Mixtape songs, album songs, it’s tight to just get that love, like as soon as I got out of customs, they were taking pictures, I didn’t even see them. I never knew it was like that over here, so that’s pretty fresh man, that was an honour. I’m a long way from Detroit so it’s just so tight to get the same love here.

You’ve been touring with Wiz too what has that been like?

It’s been super crazy! We’ve been doing crowds of like 20,000 so they’ve been like big festival crowds just for me and him. My fan base has just grown and grown and grown over there so some shows are just insane.

How would you describe a Big Sean performance?

Yeah I go crazy, like at the show last night [Cargo] it was tight in there I couldn’t go crazy like I usually do. It was my first show so we had to start small but the show sold out a few weeks in advance so I should of did something bigger. I usually go crazy like hop in the crowds…

…Oh, like crowd surfing?

Nah I like actually hop in the crowd, get hype with the crowd. I do do crowd surfing, usually the stage is way bigger so I normally do certain dances that I couldn’t do yesterday.

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Following his debut London show, Big Sean spoke to Sumit of The Hip Hop Chronicle UK.

He tells Sumit “Marvin & Chardonnay” was the last track done for the album and that he and Kanye wrote their lyrics while on the phone together.

“My Last” was the first song done for the album. It initally had Sean singing the hook but Chris Brown wanted in after hearing the track. It was a song the rapper did not want to put out but was convinced by No I.D. The single initally had Sean singing it, not Chris Brown.

I ask Sean to explain the one-line punchline flow and what did he mean when he said “the whole rap game trying to sound like me”. He explains Drake gave him credit for starting that flow.

Towards the end of the interview, the rapper speaks on No I.D.’s involvement with the project and how “good collaborations with a legend” never made the final cut of the album due to sample clearances.

The G.O.O.D. Music member also says he will release a brand new mixtape in the “next month and a half”.