Hottest Breakthrough MCs: Big Sean

Click the image above to watch Big Sean talk about his upcoming album, which is set to drop on September 14th!

Big Sean LIVE @ DefJam Pre BET Awards Concert

Big Sean opens up for Jeremiah by performing his hit, “What U Doin? (Bullsh*ttin’),” at the Def Jam Pre BET Awards Concert.

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Big Sean Interview + “I Got 5 On It (Freestyle)” LIVE @ Toledo, OH

In this 9 minute interview with MostlyJunkFood, Big Sean discusses a possible mixtape with Ohio native Chip Tha Ripper (!!!), the best food spots on the road, making songs in the basement with Mike Posner back in the day, what Kanye is like in real life, and more. Hit the jump to watch Big Sean perform a new freestyle over Luniz’s classic record as well as “Supa Dupa Lemonade” & “Rollin’.”

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Big Sean – “High Rise” Video

Directed by (who else?) Dante Marshall. We posted this track earlier, so if you haven’t already, grab it HERE.

Big Sean’s “What U Doin’ (Bullsh*tting)” Commercial

Here’s a preview for Big Sean’s music video for his latest hit, “What U Doin’ (Bullsh*tting).” Finally Famous coming soon!

Big Sean – “High Rise” (prod. Don Cannon)

The first official single off of Big Sean’s upcoming mixtape, Finally Famous Vol. 3: B.I.G!

Download: Big Sean – “High Rise” (prod. Don Cannon)

Big Sean Interview w/

In this interview Big Sean speaks on Kanye, his songs leaking, and his upcoming album. Finally Famous coming soon!

(AllHipHop News) While it’s been over a year since Detroit based MC Big Sean officially put out an official release, the G.O.O.D. Music/Def Jam distributed artist is hard at work on his upcoming project Finally Famous.

“You get your whole first life to work on your album, I called it Finally Famous because, in Detroit that was name of our crew before we got signed and before everything,” Big Sean told “We used to throw parties and good events and different concerts and things around the city.  We would call it Finally Famous because when you are Famous you are recognized for your talents, and Finally because nothing happens overnight, and its what you are working for.”

When asked what hip hop listeners and G.O.O.D. Music fans can expect from the debut album, Big Sean said the album will resonate with a variety of listeners.

“Whether you are sitting around bullshitting, or its relationship problems or breaking up or getting on and living out your dreams…I hope everyone connects with it and gives it a listen,” Big Sean stated.

Big Sean also had some insights on what it was like working with Kanye West, since he has been signed to Kanye’s G.O.O.D. Music.

“Kanye has really taught me how to make an album. He showed me the ins and outs of different recording methods,” Big Sean revealed to “One of things he taught me that I don’t have to write anything down, the taught me that method.  Kind of similar to Jay-Z, Lil’ Wayne and Common, Kanye does that and he taught me that among other things“

Tight lipped about the subject matter and content of Kanye’s Good Ass Job album, Big Sean labeled the album “serious.”

“It’s going to be crazy, I can tell you that much for sure,” Big Sean said. “Yea its serious right there, I can assure that its crazy.  Everyone is waiting on it so…”

Despite the excitement for his and Kanye’s upcoming records set for release sometime late in the summer or early in the fall, Sean did discuss displeasure with the leaking of several of his recent tracks.

“The couple songs that were leaked are completely different now because you know some songs you will work on for a year and then you re-record the song. That s**treally pissed me off because the verses were going to be different, the choruses were going to be better and people heard it and now when people hear the new verses they are going to think that the first version was better even though its not,” expressed a frustrated Big Sean.

Big Sean assured fans that he would release a mixtape for the streets sometime before his new album Finally Famous drops.

“Yo can expect the album this year, sometime early fall or end of summer. A lot of people are saying that’s when Kanye is gonna drop this year, but we will see about all that. Me and DJ [Don] Cannon have been talking about it.  We got a lot of tracks that we might not use for the album that we might could use for the mixtape,” Big Sean told

Lord & Taylor (Earlly Mac, Say It Aint Tone & Key Wane) – “Bouncin'”

Here’s a joint from a couple boys from the Finally Famous crew, Earlly Mac and Say It Aint Tone, along with producer Key Wane. The beat is nice!

Download: Lord & Taylor (Earlly Mac, Say It Aint Tone & Key Wane) – “Bouncin'”