Big Sean – Weekend Recap #22

Follow Big Sean as he visit’s London, Paris and gets a special delivery from Jacob & Co. Featuring DJ Mo Beatz, Terius Nash and the Eiffel Tower.

J. Cole Jammin’ Big Sean’s “I Do It”

J. Cole rides to Krispy Kreme in Michigan jammin’ to “I Do It” and asked the employee about Big Sean.

Big Sean & Vashtie Kola Planking

Big Sean vs. Lady La – Food Porn

Big Sean takes on Lady La of 101.5 jamz in a game of Food Porn! The first to break down and laugh looses. Watch to see who won!

Big Sean Does His Dan Weisman Impression

*DEAD* For those that haven’t heard of Dan Weisman, he’s the founder of Elitaste as well as the manager of both Wale & Mike Posner. (Oh and no, I don’t know why the video is sideways either.)