February 2013

22            Index                           Shuttorf, Germany

23            Theatrefabrik              Munich, Germany

24            Tunnel                         Milan, Italy

28            Modernes                    Bremen, Germany

March 2013

1             Vooruit                        Gent, Belgium

2             Melkweg                     Amsterdam, Holland

3             Live Music Hall          Cologne, Germany

4             Huxleys                       Berlin, Germany

6             Grunspan                    Hamburg, Germany

7              Pumpehuset                Copenhagen, Denmark

8             Babel                           Malmo, Sweden

9             Gota Kallare                Stockholm, Sweden

10           Brewhouse                  Gothenburg, Sweden

11           Parkteatret                  Norway, Oslo

5 Comments on “Shows”

  1. Mike says:

    When will Big Sean’s album come out and WHEN WILL YOU BE IN LAS VEGAS??????????? PEOPLE KNOW U OUT HERE.

  2. K'Mesha says:

    I’m a huge big sean believer..and I was just wondering. Will he be coming to toronto any time soon? If so please post it! because I know for a FACT it will be sold out at the ACC in toronto.ontario,canada

  3. Koron says:

    I do it /I keep it G boi////when you com in back to south haven player

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