Unofficial Tracklisting for Big Sean’s Debut Album

1. Million Dollars

2. Desire, Want & Need Remix

3. Blue Sky

4. Made

5. Way Out ft. Mr. Hudson

6. For Long

7. Don’t Tell Me You Love Me

8. Thank You

9. Donald Trump

10. Money & Sex

11. Hey Na

12. Take Me Away

13. Whatever You Want Remix

14. Story (Produced by No ID)

15. Pimp Sh*t (Produced by No ID)

16. Want It

17. Don’t Tell Me You Love Me

18. Pistons vs. Bulls ft. Kanye West

19. Getcha Some

A source that claims to be very close to Big Sean sent us over an unofficial tracklisting of Big Sean’s  upcoming album, Finally Famous. We’re not sure on how concrete this tracklist is, but this should give you guys a good look of what his album will be like! Enjoy & discuss!

EDIT: Apparently, “Pistons vs. Bulls” is also known as “Glenwood.”

7 Comments on “Unofficial Tracklisting for Big Sean’s Debut Album”

  1. […] Big Sean’s official fansite shot over this as-yet unconfirmed tracklist of his upcoming album. Check out the whole thing down […]

  2. mac says:

    Apparently, “Pistons vs. Bulls” is also known as “Glenwood.”
    dang i was expecting something epic

  3. […] track was seen on unofficial Finally Famous tracklisting. Kanye has a knack for finding good talent. This song is too dope. Download […]

  4. bballlkid says:

    pistons vs bulls is just glenwood??!

  5. Mikee $tar says:

    Damn ! Thought Pistons Vs. Bulls Was Gonna Be Sum Crazy Collabo But its Just Glenwood =[

  6. Da illest says:

    yo why aint paper chaser on this that sh** was tight

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